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Shevaré is a multifaceted artist and educator who explores the overlap of visual art and poetry.  Her outlets of artistic expression are 3D mixed media collage paired with poetic dialogue.  She believes that poetic story telling paired with animated presentations are catalysts to spark conversation, share history, and increase creative approaches to language arts.

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Ever since childhood Shevare’s parents would encourage her to express her creativity.  This led her to study Fashion Design at Philadelphia University.  Being quite imaginative she began to make wearable art and large hair pieces for hair shows. 



Her dedication to remain creative has led to many opportunities: 

Solo Art Exhibitions (Boyle Family Gallery- Lindenwood University and Saks Fifth Avenue Gallery Plaza Frontenac)

Present and exhibit at Museums- St. Louis Art Museum and The Charles Wright Museum

International Fashion Weeks

Travel and work backstage at top hair shows nationwide

Meet and connect with fashion students from around the country

Teach fashion design and marketing at the collegiate level


She is a true example of taking an entrepreneurial approach to, “Love what you do, do what you love.”

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She Is Her, I Am She I + II
Saks Fifth Avenue Gallery - Plaza Frontenac
 May 10, 2021  - September 1, 2021

She Is Her, I Am She is a collection of mixed media collage, digital portraits and poetry that explores womanhood, beauty and fashion.

Solo Exhibition- Moments of Freedom

Boyle Family Gallery- August 24 - September 28, 2020

Displayed at the Charles Wright Museum- June 2018 - February 2019
Presented at St. Louis Art Museum March 23, 2019
Featured at UrbArts St. Louis May 2019
Exhibited and Presented at Boyle Family Gallery- Lindenwood University- September 2019
Angad Arts Hotel- Presentation October 30, 2019
Mary Institute and Country Day (MICDS) - School Assembly + Workshops November 2019
St. Louis Artists' Guild- Constructed Visions III August-September 2020
A Little of This, A Little of That- An Exploration into Mixed Media - The Gallery at Paragon September 2020
Boyle Family Gallery- Moments of Freedom- August - September 2020

Concept Overview

The year is 2195, and A LOT has changed.  After major political, economic, and social turmoil, the United States is a disaster.  The media is completely controlled and censored by the government.  The history of the oppressed, and people of color has been dismantled, edited, and in most cases totally erased. All books and physical publications are forbidden and have been destroyed.

All is not completely lost. There is a glimmer of hope!

Meet Wynk, a young African American girl, who inherited the special gift of time travel from her parents through a rare genetic mutation. 

After discovering a preserved, prohibited, hidden copy of Opportunity- A Journal of Negro Life, she decides to travel to the magical place of Harlem Renaissance (as she would call it) featured in the 1920’s publication.  





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